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Color Your World With Art 2016 WORKSHOPS EVENTS EXHIBITIONS THREE PINES STUDIO A coloring book is a yoga mat for your mind Johanna Basford created The Secret Garden coloring book. In her words A blank sheet of paper can be daunting but a coloring book has the outlines already there making it easier to pick up a pencil and begin making your mark. I think of coloring books as collaborations. I create the artwork and the owner of the book brings the color. Being in the flow or immersed in a task like coloring seems to help soothe many people. Some time spent with the simple task of adding color to a page and creating something beautiful really seems to appeal to people. As we celebrate our 16th year at Three Pines Studio we focus our energy on quiet creativity and the mindfulness art can bring to our daily lives. Adults can rediscover simple mark making and children can explore the effortlessness of creating during our Coloring on the Porch Tuesdays in July and August. At Three Pines Studio we refer to coloring books as a yoga mat for your mind . These weekly coloring sessions are a fun calming way to naturally reduce stress and also spend time outdoors alongside friends and family. Following the theme of mindfulness and awareness through creativity Three Pines artists explore the relationships with everyday objects that inhabit their world with the Memorial Day weekend 2016 invitational exhibition titled Still Life A Modern Take. Three Pines is also excited to be hosting the exhibition Letters A Word is a Letter with Friends in conjunction with the first ever Harbor Springs Festival of the Book which will take place fall 2016. Outside the gallery walls of Three Pines the inspiring scenic meditation and perennial gardens offers everyone who visits our studio an opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of our space here in Northern Michigan. In addition to Coloring on the Porch we will cultivate creativity through our own studios open studio days and workshop offerings. The hands-on aspect of our working fiber and ceramic studios offers a shared experience for our visitors so they can better understand our creative process by watching us work. Three Pines encourages everyone to create and we provide the opportunity to do so through our summer workshops. Over 100 workshops are offered in just a six- month period to visiting and resident artists. This summer we scheduled the popular drop inopen studio days for a third season giving everyone the chance to use studio time for fiber dying and surface design while supporting a flexible schedule. Our kids summer workshops educate and inspire participants by integrating a different artist and their creative process into each workshop. Kids will learn to paint cut paper collage and sculpt by experimenting with a variety of materials such as metal wire wood cut paper and paint. Through our workshop offerings we have been fortunate to meet many families and have watched kids grow up move to schools near and far and eventually start their own families. Each one touched in a special way by the shared creativity here in our studio. We hope to continue to inspire new creative experiences this upcoming year and into the future. 231.526.94471 Founded in 2000 in Cross Village Michigan by Gene Reck and Joann Condino Three Pines Studio is a working artists studio and sales gallery in the arts and crafts tradition. Our modern facility features two 400-sq.-ft. working studios that provide artists of all ages the necessary equipment and materials to create in both the clay and fiber mediums. Three Pines gallery features work of northern Michigan artists exclusively. We look forward to conducting many NEW workshops this year by adding an inspired adventurous twist on the workshop experience. If you have any questions or workshop suggestions feel free to contact us anytime at 231.526.9447 or via email at and Three Pines Studio Follow us on Facebook www.facebook.comthreepinesstudio or Instagram and Twitter 3pinesstudio 231.526.94472 FIBER FIBER DYEING Hand-PaintDye Local Wool...........................8 Hand-PaintDye Cotton Yarn..........................8 FIBER SHIBORI SILK ShiboriColor Dye a Silk Scarf........................8 Mai Nui Stitched Shibori new.......................8 FIBER SURFACE DESIGN new blocks Woodblock Printing on Cotton Napkins........8 Drop InOpen Studio Days Wednesdays in July August....................5 FIBER INDIGO new techniques Drop InOpen Studio Days Mondays and Tuesdays in July August SHIBORI-INDIGO Mondays............................5 BATIK-INDIGO Tuesdays............................5 KIDS Thursdays in July August KIDS READING Stories about art and artists...........................6 KIDS PAINTING Artist Georgia OKeefe Painting Umbrellas......................................6 Artist Kandinsky Colors Sounds of Abstract Art....................6 Artist Henri Matisse Cut-Out Paintings...........................................6 KIDS SCULPTURE Designers Ray Charles Eames CreateBuild your own House of Cards..........6 Sculpture Giacometti new Giacometti Figure Sculpture..........................6 Designer Alexander Girard PaintCreate your own Spoon People........6 Build your own Castle Palace or Fort ........6 Artist Alexander Calder Make a large Wire Sculpture new twist........7 KIDS MIXED MEDIA Artist Joseph Cornell Make your own Dream Shadow Box new ..7 FAIRY PARTY FRIDAYS....................................7 ADDITIONAL KIDS ACTIVITIES Refer to drop inopen studio days Mon Tues Wed in July August..................5 PRINTMAKING Gelli Printing for Monoprinting without a press...............................................8 JEWELRY Chain Maille....................................................9 PMC Precious Metal Clay.............................9 Viking Knit......................................................9 Button Bracelets.............................................9 QUILLWORK Quill Boxes.....................................................9 PAINTINGDRAWING Sheryl A. Lamarand CZT ZENTANGLE Anything is Possible One Stroke at a Time...................................10 Stuart Shils Buiding a Beachhead of Visual Space..........10 Ken Kewley DrawingPaintingCollageSculpture Workshop.....................................................10 Heidi Marshall Plein Air Pastel..............................................11 Suzanne Siegel Oil Cold Wax Abstraction and Composing Paintings with Structure............11 Margo Burian The Sketchbook for Painters A Visual Primer.............................................11 CLAYWORKS Clay Project of your choice by appt. 231.526.9447. Call Gene Reck. Workshop List 3 CROSS VILLAGE COMMUNITY PARADE Lakeshore Drive Cross Village July 3 1 pm Celebrate after parade with American Spoon Gelato cookies music COLORING ON THE PORCH TUESDAYS July August Enjoy Three Pines Studios large wrap-around porch with views of the colorful perennial garden. Get creative by coloring on the porch with family and friends. NATIONAL COLORING BOOK DAY August 2 Coloring and coloring books have always been popular with children. However recently many adults have rekindled their love for coloring within the lines. A coloring book is a yoga mat for your mind . A Pop-Up Exhibition of pages colored here on this special day. Fun snacks color. 15TH ANNUAL COMMUNITY TREELIGHTING HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE November 25 Music food festivities 11am-7pm Tree lighting 530 pm WINTER SOLSTICE CELEBRATION December 17 1-5 pm Workshops food fun STILL LIFE A MODERN TAKE Painting Photography Sculpture Fiber May 28-June 15 Opening Reception May 28 2-7 pm PHOTOSTOCK 10th Anniversary Exhibition June 17-28 Artists Reception June 17 430-630 pm THE LYRICAL NORTH Landscape Paintings Heidi A. Marshall July 2-18 Opening Reception July 12 2-7 pm Marshall Pastel Workshop July 6-7 11 am-5 pm BEAUTY BROUGHT TO LIGHT Landscape Paintings Louise Pond July 23-Aug 2 Opening Reception July 23 2-7 pm NEW PAINTINGS Susan Offield August 6-22 Opening Reception August 6 2-7 pm FELLOW TRAVELERS LARGE SMALL SCULPTURES Doug Melvin August 13-Ongoing Opening Reception August 13 2-7pm THREE VILLAGE ARTS XI Summer Plein Air Paintings 2016 August 27-September 5 Opening Reception August 27 2-7 pm LETTERS A WORD IS A LETTER WITH FRIENDS All Media Exhibition In support of the Harbor Springs Festival of the Book September 10-November 1 Opening Reception September 10 2-7 pm 7TH ANNUAL GREAT LAKES GLASS PUMPKIN PATCH DAY Co-sponsored with Boyer Glassworks October 1 11-7 pm THROUGH THE WINDOW All Media Exhibition November 25-March 2017 Opening Reception November 25 2-7 pm EventsExhibitions Three Pines Studio offers hand-painted artisan yarns under the label of The Colors of Crooked Tree Yarn. Spun locally in northern Michigan at Stonehedge Fiber Mill in East Jordan the yarns are a blend of rare luster longwools produced by the special sheep of our neighbors The Loubert Family at the Lake View Farm near Cross Village Michigan. Hand painted by Joann Condino and fellow artisans at Three Pines Studio with uniquely formulated dye colors the yarns are a celebration of the colors and textures of this unique Great Lakes region featuring a 21-color custom palate. The 2016 Pantone Colors of the Year are Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue which are featured in our 2016 colorway. The Colors of Crooked Tree Yarn project is in its 10th year in our effort to support a sustainable farm-to-market enterprise in Cross Village Michigan. Our yarn may be purchased at the Harbor Springs Market every Wednesday and Saturday from June to September and of course daily at Three Pines Studio and through our website THE COLORS OF CROOKED TREE YARN PROJECT 231.526.9447 231.526.94474 TUESDAYS COLORING ON THE PORCH July August Noon-5pm Come enjoy Three Pines Studios large wrap-around porch with views of the colorful perennial garden and get creative by coloring on the porch with family and friends. Colored pencils and crayons provided. Coloring pages and books available. Special Tuesday NATIONAL COLORING BOOK DAY August 2 National Coloring Book Day is celebrated annually on August 2nd. Coloring and coloring books have always been popular with children however recently many adults have rekindled their love for coloring within the lines. Adult coloring is trending everywhere and many are finding that not only is it fun but it is also a great way to reduce stress. At Three Pines Studio we refer to coloring books as a yoga mat for your mind . Celebrate with us. Fun food and coloring. Spend some time coloring with your friends children or grandchildren or by yourself. Colored pencils and crayons provided. Coloring pages and books available. There will be A Pop-Up Exhibition of pages colored on Special Tuesday August 2nd. All ages welcome. Enjoy the creativity of making a picture come to life. We will also post your pictures on our social media using the following hashtags NationalColoringBookDay TuesdaysColor onthePorch crossvillage coloring and threepinesstudio to encourage others to find the enjoyment in coloring. Related workshop See page 10 ZENTAGLE Tuesday July 19 2-4 pm Workshop Fee 40 Materials Fee 7 ArtistInstrutor Sheryl A. Lamarand CZT 231.526.94475 DYEPRINT Wearables Silk Scarf 15-35 Cotton Scarf 15-35 Bag 25 Child Tshirt 12 Adult Tshirt 15 Fitted Tshirt 20 Sarong 25 Hat 7 Bandana 5 Celebration Flag 10 Prayer Flag 10 Table Linens Napkins dinner 5 each Napkins cocktail 6 for 12 Table Runner 30-60 Quilters Fiber Artists Fat Quarters 4 pk 20 Yardage Cotton 15-20yard Linen 20yard Silk 20yard Yarn Cotton 20skein Wool 20skein INDIGO THE COLOR OF THE LAKE A Three Pines Studio tradition. To dye with the natural indigo dye is captivating. The dyed goods come out of the indigo bath green and turn blue in the air. MONDAYS Shibori-Indigo Drop InOpen Studio Shibori is a traditional Japanese form of pleating folding twisting and wrapping using string to resist the dye. This year we will be using Japanese style tools to assist us in new advanced techniques. TUESDAYS Batik-Indigo Drop InOpen Studio Learn the ancient craft of wax-resist dyeing. Environmentally friendly soy whey will be used. Use our antique metal chops or brush your own designs and dip your creation into the indigo vat. WEDNESDAYS Woodblock Printing Drop InOpen Studio Learn how to print using a wide variety of woodblocks and textile paints on cotton. This is an opportunity to use both old and new blocks from India. Our method of dye paint application simplifies the process and assists everyone to ensure success. New blocks and Jacquard textile paint will be available for purchase to continue your printing adventure at home. Ages 6. All ages welcome. Kids under 9 must be accompanied by an adult or older sibling. All workshops available by arrangement for special groups birthday parties and reunions. DROP IN To drop in is defined as to come to visit or go to a place for only a brief period of time often unexpectedly. No registration necessary. OPEN STUDIO An Open Studio is intended to foster creativity and encourage experimentation in an atmosphere of cultural exchange conversation encouragement and freedom of expression. Artists and non-artists come together in a social act of collaboration the only entry requirements being an inquisitive nature a curiosity about new and traditional media and a lack of inhibition about creating in a semi-public space. HOW IT WORKS 1. Drop in anytime between 11am-5pm Mon-Wed. Come for 15 minutes or stay all day. 2. Choose a workshops. 5 per day studio fee plus materials fee per project. 3. Start your adventure Occasionally there is a short waiting period. We have plenty of books to fill the wait time. Drop InOpen Studio Workshops JULY AUGUST 231.526.94476 Kids workshops every Thursday in July August. Registration necessary. All ages welcome. Kids under 9 must be accompanied by an adult or older sibling. Kids are also welcome during Drop InOpen Studio Days. See page 5. KIDS SCULPTURE Learn about designers Ray Charles Eames 1-3 pm Ray and Charles Eames are important in design history. The Eames believed that everyday objects are both useful and beautiful. Charles and Ray Eames designed their House of Cards in 1952 to celebrate familiar objects from the animal mineral and vegetable kingdoms. It was a popular toy. Build a house of cards using chipboard for small constructions and square pieces of 6x6 cardboard squares for larger constructions. You will paint stamp and draw to decorate your squares. New option this year If you have done the squares why not tubes Wonder how that looks Come and try. Workshop fee 20 Materials fee 15 Learn about sculptor Giacometti new 430-530 pm Explore the importance of shadow in sculpture. Make your own Giacometti sculpture with pipe cleaners wire paper and wooden beads on a clay base. Workshop fee 20 Materials fee 10 Learn about designer Alexander Girard 3-530 pm Girard is an icon of mid-century design in many areas including textile product exhibit design and architecture. His experimentation with color and shapes will be highlighted in this workshop. 2 activities -Spoon Friends 2015 Best of workshop winner Paintcreate your own wooden spoon friends inspired by the dolls Girard created for his family. KIDS PAINTING Learn about the artist Georgia OKeefe 230-430 pm Painting on Umbrellas in the Style of Georgia OKeefe a perennial favorite In addition to her paintings inspired by the Southwest landscape American artist Georgia OKeefe is most often recognized for her intricately detailed large paintings depicting a magnified view of various flowers. Students will first observe flowers in the garden sketch their favorite then paint their flower on a cotton umbrella. Class size limited. Workshop fee 35 Learn about Kandinskys Noisy Paint Box 1-1230 pm The Colors and Sounds of Kadinskys Abstract Art Young artists will explore the relationship between art and music inspired by the Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky. Kids will be given a sketchbook to document their ideas as they listen to an eclectic range of music. After sketching they will choose to do either a painting collage or sculpture inspired by their ideas. Workshop fee 20 Materials fee 10 Learn about the artist Henri Matisse 11 am-1230 pm French artist Henri Matisse began making paper shapes in the late 1940s creating an entirely new aesthetic called cutouts. Matisses cutout compositions made of painted sheets of paper cut into various shapes and sizes explore the relationship between color and form. Channel your inner Matisse and create your own playful colorful compositions through experimentation with painted paper and cut out shapesWorkshop fee 20 Materials fee 10 Kids Workshop Thursdays JULY AUGUST READING Stories about art artists on the porch at noon. 231.526.94477 All the necessary fairy fashion craft materials and most importantly fairy dust are provided. Join us in imaginative fairy fun. Make fairy crafts play fairy games and enjoy special treats. Each fairy party has a different theme. Come to all of them. Register early. This is very popular. Star Fairy Tea in the Garden Look up at the night sky There is so much to see stars planets and during the day see the blue sky between green and golden leaves. If you are quick enough you just might see a smiling star fairy in a tree visiting from night sky and sleeping in a flower in the garden. Our Queen star fairy Celeste is spreading stardust at night and fairy dust during the day. Bring your fairy godmothers grandmothers aunts or favorite friend Sweetheart Fairies 3-5 years 1-3 pm Limit 8 fairies plus guests Fairy Prep School 6-9 years 330-530 pm Training school for queen fairies to be. Limit 8 fairies plus guests July 1 8 15 22 29 1-3 pm 330-530 pm each Friday Workshop fee 40 -Createbuild your own castle palace fort A studio must do Using scrap wood blocks and paint kids create your own structure in the spirit of Alexander Girards Graphic Palace. The finished project is a wonderful sculpture or can be used as a bookend. Ages 5 Workshop fee for both activities 25 Materials fee 10 Learn about artist Alexander Calder 11am-1230 pm American sculptor Alexander Calder is known as the originator of the mobile a type of sculpture utilizing multiple components as well as motion. In addition to the mobile Calder created various wire figures ranging from human and natural forms to the abstract. Make large wire sculptures a new twist from last year. Small was fun. Bigger is crazy fun. Build an abstract foam mobile inspired by Calders shapes. Workshop fee for both activities 25 Materials fee 10 KIDS MIXED MEDIA Learn about artist Joseph Cornell 1-230 pm Joseph Cornell was an artist sculptor and one of the pioneers of assemblage. He built imaginary worlds from found objects inside small wooden boxes inspired by surrealists. Make your own 6x9 dream box. Bring a collection of your favorite objects from the beach woods or your pockets drawers. Look through the studios drawers too and find treasures to use. Workshop fee 20 Materials fee 15 Fairy Party Fridays 231.526.94478 FIBER DYEING Hand-PaintDye 1 lb. of Local Wool Yarn Design your own color palette of dyes to enhance your special fiber project by using acid dyes and a microwave. By appt. Workshop fee 30 Materials fee 35 2 skeins ArtistInstructor Condino Hand-PaintDye Cotton Yarn Design your own color palette in cotton yarn using Procion MX dyes. August 26 3-5pm September 16 1-3pm indigo Limit 4 students Workshop Materials fee 60 ArtistInstructor Condino Indigo Dyed Wool Cotton Yarn See Drop InOpen Studio Mondays in July and August. See page 5. Special workshops by arrangement FIBER SHIBORI SILK Shibori is a traditional Japanese form of pleating folding twisting and wrapping using string to resist the dye. This year we will be using Japanese style tools to assist us in new advanced techniques. ArtistInstructor Joann Condino Shibori Color dye a Silk Scarf July 30 2-4pm August 20 2-4pm September 3 2-4pm Workshop fee 25 Materials fee 25 Mai Nui Stitched Shibori new Create unique effects with a simple running stitch. Participants make patterns that are determined by the type of stitch used the arrangement of the stitch and the fold of the fabric. Some familiarity with hand sewing is necessary. 2 sessions per day. July 18 July 25 or August 1 1130 am-130pm or 3-5 pm REGISTRATION REQUIRED Scheduled Workshops Workshop Fee 25 Open Studio Fee 5 item selected Artistinstructor Charlotte Cullip FIBER SURFACE DESIGN Woodbllock Printing on Cotton Napkins Learn how to print using a wood block and textile paint on cotton. This is an opportunity to use both old and new blocks from India. New blocks jacquard textile paint will be available for purchase. So you can continue printing at home. Limit 4 students September 17 1-3 pm October 8 1-3 pm Workshop fee 30 Materials fee Woodblock kit painting pad textile paint 25 30 for 4 napkins cottonlinen Additl napkins 6 each cottonlinen ArtistInstructor Joann Condino Workshops by special arrangement. Woodblock Printing See Drop InOpen Studio Wednesdays in July and August. See page 5. Special workshops by arrangement PRINTMAKING Gelli Printing for Monoprinting Without a Press Monoprinting on tags note cards and prayer flags. We will create unique gift tags and note cards using soft flexible printing plates that transfer one-of-a-kind monoprint images with acrylic paints onto paper without a press. Using texture tools masks and stencils these small prints invite free and spontaneous 231.526.94479 Special workshops by arrangement. creativity experimentation and improvisation. After learning a few simple techniques you will complete numerous prints on tags and note cards. Finished prints can later be embellished with metallic pens markers rubber stamps glitter or collaged with other decorative papers. A selection of tags paper paints stencils masks and tools will be supplied but feel free to bring anything that you would like to work with. August 19 1-3 pm or 330-530 pm Workshopfee 30 Materials fee 20 ArtistInstructor Nedra Borders JEWELRY Chain Maille Bracelets Chain Maille is the ancient art of linking metal rings together. Learn this art using contemporary tools and techniques. Open to students of all skill levels. Students will learn the proper technique of using sterling silver jump rings to design a Helm Bracelet. June 18 4-7 pm Workshopfee 50 Materials fee 50 ArtistInstructor Linda Pond PMC Precious Metal Clay PMC or Precious Metal Clay is an amazing new form of metal. In its wet state it has the texture of soft clay and is easily manipulated. Once dry it is quickly fired using a butane torch. The heat burns off the binder and fuses the metal molecules into a solid piece of silver. Participants will learn this exciting process and get to create and complete one piece of silver jewelry. All tools and materials are provided. Materials fee includes silver firing polishing equipment used in the workshop and handouts. July 9 or August 12 1-4 pm Workshop fee 60 Materials fee 35 ArtistInstructor Rosemary Gould Viking Knit Bracelet Viking knit is an ancient technique dating back to the Vikings. In this class you will learn how to do single Viking knit in copper wire then transition to double Viking knit in sterling silver wire. Learning these steps will allow participants to create a unique 8 bracelet inspired by historical practices. Materials silver and copper wire silver filled end caps silver clasp silver jump rings dowel and draw plate in the kit. Basic tools to share plus written instructions. Class min. 5 max. 8 July 16 Noon-5pm Workshop fee 170 Materials fee 50 ArtistInstructor Connie Sprague Button Bracelets perennial favorite Call to arrange a workshop day and time. Workshop fee 30 QUILLWORK 5-day quill box workshop with Yvonne Walker-Keshick. During this week individuals will learn the techniques of quill work and will complete a 3 quill box. July 27-31 10 am-4pm Brown bag lunch or purchase a Three Pines Box lunch from Cross Village General Store. Class limit 10 Minimum age 10 yrs. Workshop fee 170 materials included We are honored to have Yvonne Walker- Keshick teaching at Three Pines Studio. Yvonne Walker-Keshick also known by her tribal name as Falling Leaf was born in the autumn of 1946. One of the five children of Levi and Josephine Walker she is the descendant of a long line of excellent quillworkers. Her aunt Anna Odeimin is reputedly one of the finest quill workers of the early twentieth century. Walker-Keshick began making porcupine quill boxes in 1968 with teacher Susan Shagonaby. Walker-Keshick became a full-time quillworker and teacher in 1980. Since then she has generously shared her skills with her family and community. She has written a manuscript on quillwork that provides technical instruction and describes the cultural meanings related to this tradition. Walker-Keshick is one of the finest quillworkers in North America and a dominant force in preserving the cultural heritage of the Little Traverse Bay Band of Odawa. In 1992 she received a Michigan Heritage Award in recognition of her commitment to Odawa heritage her willingness to train others and her many artistic accomplishments. In 2014 the nations highest honor for folk and traditional arts the NEA National Heritage Fellow distinction was awarded to Yvonne Walker-Keshick. 3-DAY DRAWINGPAINTINGCOLLAGESCULPTURE WORKSHOP OBSERVING ABSTRACTION FROM LITERAL TO POETIC WITH KEN KEWLEY June 16 Evening DiscussionDinner through June 19 700 Continental breakfast gourmet lunches served daily The statements You cannot make it up and You must make it up are both true. We must let both guide us. What we put down on our paper are real things that we can adjust just as we adjust objects in a still life. With the most elementary of tools a ballpoint pen acrylic paint white glue copy paper cardboard and masking tape along with a home copier and scanner we will draw paint collage sculpt and print. Rather than always working from a blank page participants frequently use collage to rework directly on prints of our previous designs. All on a path away from copying and rendering towards a more exciting and ultimately more real picture of what we find beautiful in the world. Please visit for bio info and materials list. DRAWINGPAINTING ZENTANGLE ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE ONE STROKE AT A TIME July 19 2-4 pm Create beautiful pen-and-ink drawings entirely with structured patterns. Its easy to learn easy to do and enjoyed by both artists and non-artists. For some its art for others meditation for others something else. Time will fly Workshop fee 40 Materials fee 7 ArtistInstructor Sheryl A. Lamarand CZT 3-DAY PAINTING INTENSIVE BUILDING A BEACHHEAD OF VISUAL DREAMSPACE STUART SHILS MASTERS CLASS June 11 Evening DiscussionDinner through June 14 900 Continental breakfast gourmet lunches served daily This studio class is a synthesis of two other classes offered over the last few years at Three Pines Studio. These three days will be a combination of working from life from direct observation with a model and working interpretively in response to reproductions of master paintings from Giotto to Euglow. The ambition with both approaches is the cultivation and shaping of visual acuity acquisition of rapid visual decision making processes and learning to actively and aggressively SEE rather than just looking. Please visit for bio info and materials list. REGISTRATION REQUIREDScheduled Workshops 231.526.944711 2-DAY PLEIN AIR PASTEL WORKSHOP WITH NATIONAL PARKS ARTIST HEIDI A. MARSHALL July 6-7 11 am-5 pm 300 This fun and informative workshop is all about painting-- en plein air or painting in nature. We will focus on a variety of topics including how to enter a painting understanding the importance of value the beauty of the medium edges where the landscapes blues up and becomes smoky where it becomes more chromatic and other technical concerns. We will also focus on poetic matters. What draws your eyesoul to a particular view what keeps the eye on the painting the area of interest and the beauty in all degrees of finish. Heidi will offer two demonstrations and work with students in the round so that every student no matter the level receives continual instruction. Oil and watercolor painters welcome. Brown bag or pick up a special Three Pines Studio box lunch from Cross Village Store. Please visit for bio info and materials list. 3-DAY WORKSHOP WITH SUZANNE SIEGEL OIL COLD WAX ABSTRACTION AND COMPOSING PAINTINGS WITH STRUCTURE September 23-25 9 am-4 pm 500 Join us for a lively and instructive workshop exploring ways to use the wonderful medium of cold wax with oil paint pigment powders oil sticks charcoal and other media while gaining a deeper understanding of abstraction. Through a series of demonstrations and exercises we will experiment with tools and marks balancing intuitive and intentional approaches with the elements of design line shape value color and texture - to compose abstract paintings with structure. Students will be given a lot of personal attention as they are encouraged to develop their own unique vision of abstraction using both observed and non-objective forms. There will be slide presentations and group discussions with attention to each students personal journey. Continental breakfast and lunch provided daily. Please visit for bio info and materials list. 3-DAY DRAWINGPAINTING WORKSHOP THE SKETCHBOOK FOR PAINTERS A VISUAL PRIMER WITH MARGO BURIAN August 5-7 9-4 pm 325 Over the course of three days we will deeply immerse ourselves in the practice of visual notetaking and begin to develop a language uniquely our own through sketchbooks drawing painting and photography. While our focus will be primarily developing individual drawing and compositional skills as a group we will also be considering how the camera can help or hinder the painting process. Each day we will be making a variety of investigations into furthering our visual vocabulary about the world that surrounds us by looking at slides memory and drawing exercises learning to interpret our black and white drawings with color and using the camera as a compositional tool. A portion of the course will include a walk as a group with our cameras. Please visit for bio info and materials list. 231.526.944712 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Cross Village Parade 1 pm Celebrate After at Studio Happy Fourth of July Fairy Friday Sweetheart 1-3 pm Prep School 330-530 pm Fairy Friday Sweetheart 1-3 pm Prep School 330-530 pm Fairy Friday Sweetheart 1-3 pm Prep School 330-530 pm Fairy Friday Sweetheart 1-3 pm Prep School 330-530 pm WORKSHOPS EV sun mon tue wed thu fri sat calendar key MONDAYS Shibori-Indigo Drop InOpen Studio 11am-5pm TUESDAYS Batik-Indigo Drop InOpen Studio 11am-5pm WEDNESDAYS Woodblock Drop InOpen Studio 11am-5pm THURSDAYS Kids Workshops Stories on the Porch Noon PAINTING OKeefe 230-430 pm Kandinsky 11 am-1230 pm Matisse 11 am-1230 pm SCULPTURE Eames 1-3 pm Giacometti 1-3 pm Girard 3-530 pm Calder 11 am-1230 pm MIXED MEDIA Cornell 1-230 pm sat 28 Still Life A Modern Take sat 11 June 11-14 Stuart Shils Master Class 8 am-5 pm thur 16 June 16-19 Ken Kewley Workshop 8 am-5 pm fri 17 Photostock 10th Anniversary Exhibition sat 18 Chain Maille Jewelry 4-7 pm MAY JUN 2016 Fairy Friday Sweetheart 1-3 pm Prep School 330-530 pm The Lyrical North Landscape Paintings Heidi A. Marshall Beauty Brought to Light Landscape Paintings Louise Pond Coloring on the Porch 12-5 pm National Coloring Book DayColoring Pop-Up Show Coloring on the Porch 12-5 pm Coloring on the Porch 12-5 pm Coloring on the Porch 12-5 pm Plein Air Workshop Heidi Marshall 11 am-5 pm Plein Air Workshop Heidi Marshall 11 am-5 pm PMC Jewelry 1-4 pm Viking Knit Jewelry Noon-5 pm Mai Nui Shibori 1130 am-130 pm 3-5 pm Mai Nui Shibori 1130am-130 pm 3-5 pm July 27-31 Quill Box 5-Day Workshop 10 am-4 pm Shibori Silk 2-4 pm JUL 231.526.9447 sun mon tue wed thu fri sat sat 17 Winter Solstice Celebration Workshops Food Fun 1-5 pm 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 sat 1 7th Annual Great Lakes Glass Pumpkin Patch Day Co-Sponsored with Boyer Glassworks 11 am-7 pm sat 8 Wood Block Printing 1-3 pm VENTS EXHIBITIONS SEP fri 25 15th Annual Open House Community Tree Lighting Music Food Festivities 11am-7 pm Tree Lighting 530 pm Through the Window All Media Exhibition NOV OCT DEC New Paintings Susan Offield DrawingPainting Workshop Margo Burian 9-4 pm Fellow Travelers Large Small Sculptures Doug Melvin Coloring on the Porch 12-5 pm Coloring on the Porch 12-5 pm Coloring on the Porch 12-5 pm Coloring on the Porch 12-5 pm Coloring on the Porch 12-5 pm Mai Nui Shibori 1130am -130 pm 3-5 pm PMC Jewelry 1-4 pm Monoprinting on Tags Notecards or Prayer Flags 1-3 pm or 330-530 pm Shibori Silk 2-4 pm sat 3 Shibori Silk 2-4 pm sat 10 Letters A Word is a Letter With Friends fri 16 Indigo Fiber Yarn Dyeing 1-3 pm sat 17 Wood Block Printing 1-3 pm mon 19 Fiber Yarn Dyeing 2-4 pm fri 23-25 Oil Cold Wax Painting Workshop S. Siegel 9 am-4 pm mon 26 Shibori Silk 2-4 pm Three Village Arts XI Summer Plein Air Paintings 2016 Hand-PaintDye Cotton Yarn 3-5 pm 13 AUG DrawingPainting Workshop Margo Burian 9-4 pm Drawing Painting Workshop Margo Burian 9-4 pm BACIS OUR STUDIO DOG GUEST HOUSE Visiting dogs can spend time in the 10x10x6 kennel in the shade. Dog friends can rest have a drink of water and a treat while family is in the gallery or in the studio taking a workshop. DESIGN YOUR OWN CLASS Looking for something special for your group Design a class that works with your schedule. Whether you home-school or just want to learn something specific our artistsinstructors can create a one-session or multi-week class that is fun and fits your needs. PRIVATE LESSONS Is there a special skill you would like to learn and need a class to fit YOUR schedule Try a private lesson and work with our artistsinstructors to learn clay or fiber techniques and skills. 35 per hour for one or two people minimum two hours. Call 231.526.9447 for more information. SPECIAL EVENT OR PARTY TO PLAN Any Special Occasion Birthday Reunion Girls Night Out - Plan your next party at Three Pines Studio. Parties for all ages are available and include a project in the studios fiber or clay where you and your guests will create a unique work of art. Parties for the young and the young at heart You provide the guests and Three Pines Studio provides the instruction tools and materials. Studio activities led by a Three Pines artist instructor followed by your own celebration. No registration necessary for drop inopen studio days Mondays Tuesdays and Wednesdays. If you would like to schedule a group workshop or know in advance what daytime you will attend a drop inopen studio workshop please email Scheduled Workshop Registration In the studio May-Oct 11 am-7 pm Daily Nov-April 11 am-5 pm Fri-Mon By phone 231.526.9447 - Visa MC Disc AmEx By mailcheck Three Pines Studio P.O. Box 221 Cross Village MI 49723 By email Website Class sizes limited. Register early. Cancellation is required in most cases 48 hours before the workshop to receive a refund. Children under 9 must be accompanied by an adult or older sibling. Visit the studio to see samples of workshop projects. Housing available for workshop participants from 75-90night. THREE PINES STUDIO 5959 West Levering Cross Village MI 49723 ph 231.526.9447 fx 231.526.9448 May-Oct 11am - 7pm Daily Nov-April 11am - 5pm Fri-Mon We are located at the crossroads of C66 and C77 in Cross Village. 27 miles north of Petoskey. 16 miles north of Harbor Springs. 15 miles west of Pellston. THREE VILLAGE ARTS XI Three Pines Studio will be hosting the first of the weekly Three Village Arts gatherings starting June 1 2016. Three Village Arts an informal plein air painting group is open to anyone who enjoys the experience of painting outdoors and will meet every Wednesday morning throughout the summer. Our Northern Michigan plein air locations scattered throughout Good Hart Sturgeon Bay Cross Village and local farmlands offer scenic vistas unique to the Great Lakes region. All painters and skill levels are encouraged to attend and each outing is free of charge. Bring your friends family and come paint the natural landscape with us. Three Pines Studio is the official gallery of Three Village Arts and hosts an end-of-summer show for the group. The final art exhibition showcasing the work will take place August 27th through September 5th at the gallery. Please have your pieces framed and ready to hang. For further questions contact Ron Theisen at 517-214-6464 or Edy Stoughton at 231-537-7080. Check for updates at around mid May. Three Pinesstudio Registration