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Nedra Borders

Nedra Borders was born and raised in the Detroit area. After many years in Florida, my husband, Charlie, and I rediscovered the beauty of Northern Michigan and bought a cabin in Gaylord. Home at last. I have worked for a large commercial printer and the last 20 years marketing and recruiting for doctoral education programs at a nonprofit university. Being semi-retired, I now have more time for art, which is my first love. Literature, music, and nature are strong influences that often result in conceptual ideas or specific subjects. Words, letters, and book art supplies and techniques graphically weave into my current mixed media work. For years I collected antique wooden printing letters and recently began animating them into whimsical bird and fish ornaments.

Below are examples of the unique "fish" made from print blocks and butter molds. These fun art pieces come in a variety of sizes and prices.

Last modified November 30, 2011

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