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Page 16 231.526.94479 Special workshops by arrangement. creativity experimentation and improvisation. After learning a few simple techniques you will complete numerous prints on tags and note cards. Finished prints can later be embellished with metallic pens markers rubber stamps glitter or collaged with other decorative papers. A selection of tags paper paints stencils masks and tools will be supplied but feel free to bring anything that you would like to work with. August 19 1-3 pm or 330-530 pm Workshopfee 30 Materials fee 20 ArtistInstructor Nedra Borders JEWELRY Chain Maille Bracelets Chain Maille is the ancient art of linking metal rings together. Learn this art using contemporary tools and techniques. Open to students of all skill levels. Students will learn the proper technique of using sterling silver jump rings to design a Helm Bracelet. June 18 4-7 pm Workshopfee 50 Materials fee 50 ArtistInstructor Linda Pond PMC Precious Metal Clay PMC or Precious Metal Clay is an amazing new form of metal. In its wet state it has the texture of soft clay and is easily manipulated. Once dry it is quickly fired using a butane torch. The heat burns off the binder and fuses the metal molecules into a solid piece of silver. Participants will learn this exciting process and get to create and complete one piece of silver jewelry. All tools and materials are provided. Materials fee includes silver firing polishing equipment used in the workshop and handouts. July 9 or August 12 1-4 pm Workshop fee 60 Materials fee 35 ArtistInstructor Rosemary Gould Viking Knit Bracelet Viking knit is an ancient technique dating back to the Vikings. In this class you will learn how to do single Viking knit in copper wire then transition to double Viking knit in sterling silver wire. Learning these steps will allow participants to create a unique 8 bracelet inspired by historical practices. Materials silver and copper wire silver filled end caps silver clasp silver jump rings dowel and draw plate in the kit. Basic tools to share plus written instructions. Class min. 5 max. 8 July 16 Noon-5pm Workshop fee 170 Materials fee 50 ArtistInstructor Connie Sprague Button Bracelets perennial favorite Call to arrange a workshop day and time. Workshop fee 30 QUILLWORK 5-day quill box workshop with Yvonne Walker-Keshick. During this week individuals will learn the techniques of quill work and will complete a 3 quill box. July 27-31 10 am-4pm Brown bag lunch or purchase a Three Pines Box lunch from Cross Village General Store. Class limit 10 Minimum age 10 yrs. Workshop fee 170 materials included We are honored to have Yvonne Walker- Keshick teaching at Three Pines Studio. Yvonne Walker-Keshick also known by her tribal name as Falling Leaf was born in the autumn of 1946. One of the five children of Levi and Josephine Walker she is the descendant of a long line of excellent quillworkers. Her aunt Anna Odeimin is reputedly one of the finest quill workers of the early twentieth century. Walker-Keshick began making porcupine quill boxes in 1968 with teacher Susan Shagonaby. Walker-Keshick became a full-time quillworker and teacher in 1980. Since then she has generously shared her skills with her family and community. She has written a manuscript on quillwork that provides technical instruction and describes the cultural meanings related to this tradition. Walker-Keshick is one of the finest quillworkers in North America and a dominant force in preserving the cultural heritage of the Little Traverse Bay Band of Odawa. In 1992 she received a Michigan Heritage Award in recognition of her commitment to Odawa heritage her willingness to train others and her many artistic accomplishments. In 2014 the nations highest honor for folk and traditional arts the NEA National Heritage Fellow distinction was awarded to Yvonne Walker-Keshick.