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Page 16 3-DAY DRAWINGPAINTINGCOLLAGESCULPTURE WORKSHOP OBSERVING ABSTRACTION FROM LITERAL TO POETIC WITH KEN KEWLEY June 16 Evening DiscussionDinner through June 19 700 Continental breakfast gourmet lunches served daily The statements You cannot make it up and You must make it up are both true. We must let both guide us. What we put down on our paper are real things that we can adjust just as we adjust objects in a still life. With the most elementary of tools a ballpoint pen acrylic paint white glue copy paper cardboard and masking tape along with a home copier and scanner we will draw paint collage sculpt and print. Rather than always working from a blank page participants frequently use collage to rework directly on prints of our previous designs. All on a path away from copying and rendering towards a more exciting and ultimately more real picture of what we find beautiful in the world. Please visit for bio info and materials list. DRAWINGPAINTING ZENTANGLE ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE ONE STROKE AT A TIME July 19 2-4 pm Create beautiful pen-and-ink drawings entirely with structured patterns. Its easy to learn easy to do and enjoyed by both artists and non-artists. For some its art for others meditation for others something else. Time will fly Workshop fee 40 Materials fee 7 ArtistInstructor Sheryl A. Lamarand CZT 3-DAY PAINTING INTENSIVE BUILDING A BEACHHEAD OF VISUAL DREAMSPACE STUART SHILS MASTERS CLASS June 11 Evening DiscussionDinner through June 14 900 Continental breakfast gourmet lunches served daily This studio class is a synthesis of two other classes offered over the last few years at Three Pines Studio. These three days will be a combination of working from life from direct observation with a model and working interpretively in response to reproductions of master paintings from Giotto to Euglow. The ambition with both approaches is the cultivation and shaping of visual acuity acquisition of rapid visual decision making processes and learning to actively and aggressively SEE rather than just looking. Please visit for bio info and materials list. REGISTRATION REQUIREDScheduled Workshops