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Page 16 231.526.944711 2-DAY PLEIN AIR PASTEL WORKSHOP WITH NATIONAL PARKS ARTIST HEIDI A. MARSHALL July 6-7 11 am-5 pm 300 This fun and informative workshop is all about painting-- en plein air or painting in nature. We will focus on a variety of topics including how to enter a painting understanding the importance of value the beauty of the medium edges where the landscapes blues up and becomes smoky where it becomes more chromatic and other technical concerns. We will also focus on poetic matters. What draws your eyesoul to a particular view what keeps the eye on the painting the area of interest and the beauty in all degrees of finish. Heidi will offer two demonstrations and work with students in the round so that every student no matter the level receives continual instruction. Oil and watercolor painters welcome. Brown bag or pick up a special Three Pines Studio box lunch from Cross Village Store. Please visit for bio info and materials list. 3-DAY WORKSHOP WITH SUZANNE SIEGEL OIL COLD WAX ABSTRACTION AND COMPOSING PAINTINGS WITH STRUCTURE September 23-25 9 am-4 pm 500 Join us for a lively and instructive workshop exploring ways to use the wonderful medium of cold wax with oil paint pigment powders oil sticks charcoal and other media while gaining a deeper understanding of abstraction. Through a series of demonstrations and exercises we will experiment with tools and marks balancing intuitive and intentional approaches with the elements of design line shape value color and texture - to compose abstract paintings with structure. Students will be given a lot of personal attention as they are encouraged to develop their own unique vision of abstraction using both observed and non-objective forms. There will be slide presentations and group discussions with attention to each students personal journey. Continental breakfast and lunch provided daily. Please visit for bio info and materials list. 3-DAY DRAWINGPAINTING WORKSHOP THE SKETCHBOOK FOR PAINTERS A VISUAL PRIMER WITH MARGO BURIAN August 5-7 9-4 pm 325 Over the course of three days we will deeply immerse ourselves in the practice of visual notetaking and begin to develop a language uniquely our own through sketchbooks drawing painting and photography. While our focus will be primarily developing individual drawing and compositional skills as a group we will also be considering how the camera can help or hinder the painting process. Each day we will be making a variety of investigations into furthering our visual vocabulary about the world that surrounds us by looking at slides memory and drawing exercises learning to interpret our black and white drawings with color and using the camera as a compositional tool. A portion of the course will include a walk as a group with our cameras. Please visit for bio info and materials list.