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Page 16 231.526.94474 TUESDAYS COLORING ON THE PORCH July August Noon-5pm Come enjoy Three Pines Studios large wrap-around porch with views of the colorful perennial garden and get creative by coloring on the porch with family and friends. Colored pencils and crayons provided. Coloring pages and books available. Special Tuesday NATIONAL COLORING BOOK DAY August 2 National Coloring Book Day is celebrated annually on August 2nd. Coloring and coloring books have always been popular with children however recently many adults have rekindled their love for coloring within the lines. Adult coloring is trending everywhere and many are finding that not only is it fun but it is also a great way to reduce stress. At Three Pines Studio we refer to coloring books as a yoga mat for your mind . Celebrate with us. Fun food and coloring. Spend some time coloring with your friends children or grandchildren or by yourself. Colored pencils and crayons provided. Coloring pages and books available. There will be A Pop-Up Exhibition of pages colored on Special Tuesday August 2nd. All ages welcome. Enjoy the creativity of making a picture come to life. We will also post your pictures on our social media using the following hashtags NationalColoringBookDay TuesdaysColor onthePorch crossvillage coloring and threepinesstudio to encourage others to find the enjoyment in coloring. Related workshop See page 10 ZENTAGLE Tuesday July 19 2-4 pm Workshop Fee 40 Materials Fee 7 ArtistInstrutor Sheryl A. Lamarand CZT