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231.526.94475 DYEPRINT Wearables Silk Scarf 15-35 Cotton Scarf 15-35 Bag 25 Child Tshirt 12 Adult Tshirt 15 Fitted Tshirt 20 Sarong 25 Hat 7 Bandana 5 Celebration Flag 10 Prayer Flag 10 Table Linens Napkins dinner 5 each Napkins cocktail 6 for 12 Table Runner 30-60 Quilters Fiber Artists Fat Quarters 4 pk 20 Yardage Cotton 15-20yard Linen 20yard Silk 20yard Yarn Cotton 20skein Wool 20skein INDIGO THE COLOR OF THE LAKE A Three Pines Studio tradition. To dye with the natural indigo dye is captivating. The dyed goods come out of the indigo bath green and turn blue in the air. MONDAYS Shibori-Indigo Drop InOpen Studio Shibori is a traditional Japanese form of pleating folding twisting and wrapping using string to resist the dye. This year we will be using Japanese style tools to assist us in new advanced techniques. TUESDAYS Batik-Indigo Drop InOpen Studio Learn the ancient craft of wax-resist dyeing. Environmentally friendly soy whey will be used. Use our antique metal chops or brush your own designs and dip your creation into the indigo vat. WEDNESDAYS Woodblock Printing Drop InOpen Studio Learn how to print using a wide variety of woodblocks and textile paints on cotton. This is an opportunity to use both old and new blocks from India. Our method of dye paint application simplifies the process and assists everyone to ensure success. New blocks and Jacquard textile paint will be available for purchase to continue your printing adventure at home. Ages 6. All ages welcome. Kids under 9 must be accompanied by an adult or older sibling. All workshops available by arrangement for special groups birthday parties and reunions. DROP IN To drop in is defined as to come to visit or go to a place for only a brief period of time often unexpectedly. No registration necessary. OPEN STUDIO An Open Studio is intended to foster creativity and encourage experimentation in an atmosphere of cultural exchange conversation encouragement and freedom of expression. Artists and non-artists come together in a social act of collaboration the only entry requirements being an inquisitive nature a curiosity about new and traditional media and a lack of inhibition about creating in a semi-public space. HOW IT WORKS 1. Drop in anytime between 11am-5pm Mon-Wed. Come for 15 minutes or stay all day. 2. Choose a workshops. 5 per day studio fee plus materials fee per project. 3. Start your adventure Occasionally there is a short waiting period. We have plenty of books to fill the wait time. Drop InOpen Studio Workshops JULY AUGUST