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231.526.94476 Kids workshops every Thursday in July August. Registration necessary. All ages welcome. Kids under 9 must be accompanied by an adult or older sibling. Kids are also welcome during Drop InOpen Studio Days. See page 5. KIDS SCULPTURE Learn about designers Ray Charles Eames 1-3 pm Ray and Charles Eames are important in design history. The Eames believed that everyday objects are both useful and beautiful. Charles and Ray Eames designed their House of Cards in 1952 to celebrate familiar objects from the animal mineral and vegetable kingdoms. It was a popular toy. Build a house of cards using chipboard for small constructions and square pieces of 6x6 cardboard squares for larger constructions. You will paint stamp and draw to decorate your squares. New option this year If you have done the squares why not tubes Wonder how that looks Come and try. Workshop fee 20 Materials fee 15 Learn about sculptor Giacometti new 430-530 pm Explore the importance of shadow in sculpture. Make your own Giacometti sculpture with pipe cleaners wire paper and wooden beads on a clay base. Workshop fee 20 Materials fee 10 Learn about designer Alexander Girard 3-530 pm Girard is an icon of mid-century design in many areas including textile product exhibit design and architecture. His experimentation with color and shapes will be highlighted in this workshop. 2 activities -Spoon Friends 2015 Best of workshop winner Paintcreate your own wooden spoon friends inspired by the dolls Girard created for his family. KIDS PAINTING Learn about the artist Georgia OKeefe 230-430 pm Painting on Umbrellas in the Style of Georgia OKeefe a perennial favorite In addition to her paintings inspired by the Southwest landscape American artist Georgia OKeefe is most often recognized for her intricately detailed large paintings depicting a magnified view of various flowers. Students will first observe flowers in the garden sketch their favorite then paint their flower on a cotton umbrella. Class size limited. Workshop fee 35 Learn about Kandinskys Noisy Paint Box 1-1230 pm The Colors and Sounds of Kadinskys Abstract Art Young artists will explore the relationship between art and music inspired by the Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky. Kids will be given a sketchbook to document their ideas as they listen to an eclectic range of music. After sketching they will choose to do either a painting collage or sculpture inspired by their ideas. Workshop fee 20 Materials fee 10 Learn about the artist Henri Matisse 11 am-1230 pm French artist Henri Matisse began making paper shapes in the late 1940s creating an entirely new aesthetic called cutouts. Matisses cutout compositions made of painted sheets of paper cut into various shapes and sizes explore the relationship between color and form. Channel your inner Matisse and create your own playful colorful compositions through experimentation with painted paper and cut out shapesWorkshop fee 20 Materials fee 10 Kids Workshop Thursdays JULY AUGUST READING Stories about art artists on the porch at noon.