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Page 16 231.526.94477 All the necessary fairy fashion craft materials and most importantly fairy dust are provided. Join us in imaginative fairy fun. Make fairy crafts play fairy games and enjoy special treats. Each fairy party has a different theme. Come to all of them. Register early. This is very popular. Star Fairy Tea in the Garden Look up at the night sky There is so much to see stars planets and during the day see the blue sky between green and golden leaves. If you are quick enough you just might see a smiling star fairy in a tree visiting from night sky and sleeping in a flower in the garden. Our Queen star fairy Celeste is spreading stardust at night and fairy dust during the day. Bring your fairy godmothers grandmothers aunts or favorite friend Sweetheart Fairies 3-5 years 1-3 pm Limit 8 fairies plus guests Fairy Prep School 6-9 years 330-530 pm Training school for queen fairies to be. Limit 8 fairies plus guests July 1 8 15 22 29 1-3 pm 330-530 pm each Friday Workshop fee 40 -Createbuild your own castle palace fort A studio must do Using scrap wood blocks and paint kids create your own structure in the spirit of Alexander Girards Graphic Palace. The finished project is a wonderful sculpture or can be used as a bookend. Ages 5 Workshop fee for both activities 25 Materials fee 10 Learn about artist Alexander Calder 11am-1230 pm American sculptor Alexander Calder is known as the originator of the mobile a type of sculpture utilizing multiple components as well as motion. In addition to the mobile Calder created various wire figures ranging from human and natural forms to the abstract. Make large wire sculptures a new twist from last year. Small was fun. Bigger is crazy fun. Build an abstract foam mobile inspired by Calders shapes. Workshop fee for both activities 25 Materials fee 10 KIDS MIXED MEDIA Learn about artist Joseph Cornell 1-230 pm Joseph Cornell was an artist sculptor and one of the pioneers of assemblage. He built imaginary worlds from found objects inside small wooden boxes inspired by surrealists. Make your own 6x9 dream box. Bring a collection of your favorite objects from the beach woods or your pockets drawers. Look through the studios drawers too and find treasures to use. Workshop fee 20 Materials fee 15 Fairy Party Fridays