Letters: Words with Friends

In support of The Harbor Springs Festival of the Book

 Three Pines Studio, Cross Village

 September 10 – November 1st.

 Opening Reception: September 10, 2-7 pm

Exhibit Concept:


Northern Michigan artists are invited to participate in the all-media exhibition Letters: Words with Friends. Three Pines Studio is collaborating with the creative, cooperative energy of the conceivers, conjurers and executers of the Harbor Springs Festival of the Book. Collectively, we wanted to play with the visual possibilities of celebrating the written word.


Words are the basic element of the books we love. Letters make up words, all 26 of them, which leaves us with 52 interpretations between upper and lowercase.


Artists will be randomly assigned an upper and lowercase letter to explore in their chosen medium by a random program on our website,

Example:  If you are assigned a lower case r and you are a painter the r could be a river landscape or a redhead portrait or to a 3d artist, a sculpture of a rabbit.


All Northern Michigan artists of all media and all ages are eligible to




All Northern MI artists, all media, all ages

All work must be for sale. 60% artist, 40% gallery commission


Exhibition location: Three Pines Studio

5959 W. Levering Rd, Cross Village, MI 49723


Mailing Address: PO Box 221, Cross Village, MI 49723



Accepted work must be framed and ready to hang (with hardware and wire) or in the case of sculpture, display ready for exhibition.

Shipping crates: must be re-usable and within UPS/FedEx shipping limitations. Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the artist. Please include a return-shipping label with your package.



Important Dates


Entry Timeframe: An entry form must be submitted by the artist from March 15- July 26. At our website FORM Exhibition is limited to 52 participants.



An artist must complete and submit the Letters Exhibit form. There is a random process for which one of the 52 letter possibilities will be assigned to the artist.

 i.e.  A-Z upper and lower case


Entry Deadline: March 15 – July 26

PDF of submission for publicity:  Before or on August 29

Submission Deadline: September 1

Reception: September 10, 2-7 pm

Exhibition: September 10 – November 1

Work Pick up/Ship Out Date: November 2- 7