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Nancy Fershee

Artist Nancy Fershee's metal work is in the gallery. The jewelry designer currently handcrafts each piece in her Harbor Springs Studio, incorporating a variety of metals. Silver and gold tend to be her some of her preferred materials to work with and lend a nice contrast to the beach glass, turquoise and unpolished stones that subtly adorn each piece. Fershee draws inspiration from her surroundings, particularly from her extensive travels to Tuscan AZ, where she attends one of the largest gem shows in the United States. Fershee considers, "any handmade object to be a piece of art and I am always interested to see what other very creative people are doing in the world of design, be it art, fiber, furniture, architecture and especially metal and jewelry." Fershee's bracelets include a meticulously hand-woven metal chain, with the focal piece being the clasp, often times created in layers. She frequently utilizes reticulated metal, which is the process of heating and cooling the material until the underlying layer is melted and pure silver rises to the surface. During the cooling process, a shimmery quality is created, adding new textural dimension to the metal. Using these distinctive techniques, Fershee passionately designs handcrafted one of a kind wearable art, in the form of bracelets, pendants and earrings.


Last modified April 27, 2016