Table I
Internet Connection Speeds Time to load a typical web page(assuming 100 kilobytes of data-few pictures) Time to download a typical 5-minute song (assuming a 5 megabyte MP3 file) VoIP Streaming Video Quality POS Data Backups Remote Data Access Most ethernet ports on laptops Most Consumer grade routers
56K dial-up modem 14 sec 12 min 30 sec
256K broadband 3 sec 3 min Low Quality
384K broadband 2.2 sec 2 min Voice Medium Quality Web Only
512K broadband 1.6 sec 1 min 30 sec Video Conference Medium Quality Use-able Useable
784K broadband 1.1 sec 1 min 5 sec TV Quality Better
1Mb broadband 0.8 sec 41 sec Useable RDP
2Mb broadband 0.4 sec 20 sec
4Mb broadband 0.1 sec 5 sec Yes Yes
6Mb broadband Instantaneous Instantaneous Big Screen TV Yes Yes
10Mb broadband Instantaneous Instantaneous Wire Grade
Note: Downloads are affected by upload speeds. When downloading using a 3 Mps connection with an upload of 256K the throughput speeds will be significantly affected
Note: all figures are approximate and represent best-case download speeds. Actually speeds will generally be lower. Acceptable usaeage is based on a conjestion factor. A 20meg fiber pipe on an ATM circuit can be slower performance then a 8 by 2 Cable coaxial circuit