Loretta Miles

Making fine art has been a passion my entire life. With strong encouragement to gain practical business knowledge, I followed a business course of study @ Wayne Univ. However, from that point on, all studies involved design, art and architecture. My working career has been in design and space planning. Creating pleasant appearing spaces was not the only goal; it was to be able to understand the engineering that allowed stability and to be assured of true functionality. What a joy it has been to 'see and feel' the future space while still on the drawing board and only a concept , all this before the wonderful world of computers. During the years of working in the design business; I developed an avid interest in the fine art installed in those spaces; whatever it’s form. My interest and passion pushed me to continually study, attend workshops and classes in various mediums of art creationalways realizing I had/have so much more to learn. When finally reaching retirement, I decided my next career would be full-time creation of art. What joy it is to focus on expending my energies and passion toward higher levels of creativity.!

Last modified MARCH 20, 2011

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