Renie Cutler Jewelry Design and Artistry

I have always found color and texture to be a fun and exciting part of my life. I love color! From the clothing I wear to the decor in my home and all of the accessories in between seem to make a statement. My husband describes me as " a white woman of color". I began to experiment with acrylic paints, watercolors and pastels over 10 years ago, so designing jewelry and beading was a natural succession of interests. I am fortunate to live in Northern Michigan on a hill overlooking beautiful Glen Lake and the very famous Sleeping Bear Dunes. The gorgeous surroundings of Glendalough, my Northern Michigan home, inspire my creativity and use of many colorful beads and semi-precious stones. Beautiful lapis, turquoise, sodalite, amazonite, larimer, and my favorite stone labradorite are the shades of the beautiful blues of the water and sky. The use of amethyst, carnelian, coral, tiger eye and shades of topaz are reminiscent of lingering sunsets. Puffy, rapidly traveling, lazy and stormy gray clouds inspire many pearl pieces. I am surrounded by the stunning beauty of water, sky and forests that motivate my paintings and influence my jewelry. When I am not in my studio beading I can be found sketching or painting on the beach or hanging out with my favorite men (my grandsons Mackinley, 10 ,and Pierson, 7,) searching for Petoskey stones; laughing and being silly. I also enjoy boating with my family on Glen Lake, preparing healthy meals and sipping wine on my deck while cherishing a sunset. The winter months find me in Tucson, AZ enjoying sunshine and dancing the dance with all my beautiful NIA friends. AWESOME!! I am also involved with a very active art league that meets monthly nurturing each other’s talents and experiencing a variety of workshops and demonstrations. My Mantra this year: Dance more, Practice Yoga, Laugh More, Complain Less, Say Yes, and Love, Love Life!! Maybe next year I will think about doing cartwheels on bubble wrap!!

Last modified December 1, 2012

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