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Teri Moody

After living in northern Michigan for two years, my painting life began in 2001. I was so moved by the landscape here that I needed to find a place for it in my creative expression. Several classes and workshops have helped me learn to handle oil and water media, and I plan to be a lifelong learner. My work is predominantly about nature in various states of abstraction, reflecting my visual and emotional experience. Some of the recent works are clearly representational, while others attempt to simplify and abstract my visual experience of nature, paring it down to its essence. Although I also work non-objectively, my experience of what is within and around me always finds its way into the work. I work directly from nature, from my photographs and sketches, and from memory and imagination. A perpetual student of art, I freely allow the influences of my favorite masters into my work (currently abstract expressionists and color field painters). Often I paint from my inner landscape, using juxtapositions of color, line, form and space to express myself in whatever way I need to at the time. This way of working is most therapeutic for me. Experimental, exploratory and eclectic, my art seems to be constantly evolving. I am learning to honor the changing nature of my work as part of my process, and to embrace my creative growth in whatever form it may take.

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